Fossil of the “Smallest Dinosaur Known” Unearthed in East Sussex, United Kingdom

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small feathered Anchiornis being hunted, a
contender for the title of world’s smallest dinosaur

Illustration Credit: Mark Witton/University of Portsmouth

A tiny fossil of possibly the smallest known dinosaur was unearthed in East Sussex, United Kingdom as reported by science news sites, June13, 2011.

According to Darren Naish, an  honorary research associate at the University of Portsmouth’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, the dinosaur is estimated  to  weigh only  about  200 grams  and  is “bird-like bipedal dinosaur, with fairly short tails,  long neck, long slim  hind legs, and  feathered , clawed forelimbs.”

The tiny dinosaur is an “Ashdown maniraptoran”, which is believed to have lived from145 million to 100 million years in the past. Naish further stated that the vertebra of the tiny dino lacks the neurocentral suture, indicating that the dinosaur died when it was already an adult.

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