Former Marine, Clay Hunt’s Demise, A Casualty of War?

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Clay Hunt
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Former marine Clay Hunt locked himself in his room in Houston and never came out.  On that fateful day of March 31, 2011, he was found lifeless in his room, shot by his own gun. This has been widely publicized in US news the past weeks.

Days after Clay Hunt’s demise,  questions are now asked, “Why?”  And, “Is Clay Hunt a casualty of war?”  Based on all testimonies and facts, the 28 year old ex-marine is presumably a casualty of war.

His friends have assumed that he was a fighter and would soon overcome his “survivor’s guilt” because all of his friends have died in the Afghanistan and Iraq war, but apparently he was not able to.

He seemed to be able to because he had volunteered in Haiti as a member of Team Rubicon, a non-profit group doing volunteer work.  He also worked in helping veterans to recover.

Hunt’s mother Susan Selke had expressed her concern about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) cases, that veterans could get help more in PTSD –related issues if these are spotted earlier. 

Selke further said, “In my mind he’s a casualty of war,” referring to his son, Clay Hunt.

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