Forbes magazine: Gisele Bundchen on her way to become the first billionaire supermodel

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Gisele Bundchen
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Gisele Bundchen, world’s highest-paid supermodel since 2004, is geared towards becoming the first billionaire in her field, as reported by Forbes, June 3, 2011.

It was noted through several financial experts, Gisele Bundchen, 30, is on the right track towards becoming the first billionaire in the modeling world as she is now considered to have accumulated £152 million for her work as a model.

It was further revealed that the Brazilian star, wife of NFL player Tom Brady, has multiple real-estate holdings.

According to similar reports, her properties include a Costa Rican villa in an upper-crust region of Bahia, a hotel in the south of Brazil and a Brentwood, California estate that she and Brady purchased for $11 million (for the land alone) and apparently will spend another $20 million for development.

Related reports also attest that Gisele Bundchen’s lingerie line in Brazil, Sejaa Pure Skincare products and Grendene are all proven equally successful.

Forbes relates that with all the successes of her business ventures, Gisele Bundchen is most likely to be categorized as the first Brazilian female self-made billionaire aside from being the first billionaire supermodel.

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