Forbes 400 Richest People: Bill Gates Tops 2014 World Billionaires List

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Forbes 400 richest people
Forbes 400: 2014 richest people
Credit: Forbes

Forbes 400 richest people in the world was released on Monday, February 3, 2014. Bill Gates reportedly regained the top rank in the Forbes 400 list of billionaires and world’s richest people. The Microsoft Chairman reportedly has a net worth of $76 billion to top the 2014 Forbes 400 list of billionaires and richest people in the world.

With a $9 billion increase in his net worth, Gates is back on top of the Forbes 400 list as the world’s richest person.

View the complete list of Forbes 400 richest people by clicking here.

Taking the number two spot is telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico. At number three is Amancio Ortega , a Spanish clothing retailer of the popular fashion chain Zara. Warren Buffett is in fourth place.

According to Forbes, the list of richest people is getting longer with about 1,645 billionaires around the world.

Based on its latest research, Forbes discovered that the total net worth of these billionaires were up in 2014 at $6.4 trillion from $5.4 trillion last year.

The Forbes list reportedly has new 268 billionaires, 42 of these richest people are women. Both figures mentioned are new Forbes record in its annual list. There are now 172 women on the Forbes list of billionaires around the world.

This year’s top 20 of the Forbes 400 list of richest people has a record net worth of at least $31 billion up from 2013’s $23 billion.

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