Flying Car: Dutch Flying Car PAL-V ONE Unveiled (Video)

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Flying Car PAL-V ONE
Flying Car PAL-V ONE
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Just recently, a flying car prototype called Transition developed by Terrafugia Inc. completed its first test flight on March 23, 2012 at Plattsburgh International Airport in Plattsburgh, New York City. It was said that Terrafugia’s Transition could be the first commercially available flying cars in the future.

However, it seems that innovators and engineers from other parts of the world are also working hard to make the flying car dream a reality. A Dutch company PAL-V Europe NV was able to build another type of flying car prototype called the Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) One. It is a two seat hybrid car and gyroplane that drives like a sports car when on the road and flies like a helicopter.

“The patented vehicle flies in the air like a gyrocopter with lift generated by an auto-rotating rotor and forward speed produced by a foldable push propeller on the back. On the road it drives like a sports car. No new infrastructure is required because it uses existing roads and airstrips.” as quoted from the company’s press release.

The Dutch company successfully completed several test flights at the Gilze Rijen Airport (The Netherlands) during the past two weeks.

“We are very proud to announce this successful maiden flight of the PAL-V and we now invite investors to create the future with us. We know there is a lot of interest for the PAL-V. Prior to announcing these test flights, we were already approached on a daily basis by potential customers and dealers wanting to be part of this exciting project.” Robert Dingemanse, CEO and co-founder of PAL-V was quoted in a statement.

Below is the video during their test flight. It was said that the first commercial production model of the PAL-V, and first deliveries are expected in 2014.

Video Credit: PalVco

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