Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz result: Mayweather Jr wins via controversial knockout on Round 4

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Floyd Mayweather Jr beat Victor Ortiz on Saturday, September 17, 2011, via a controversial knock out on Round 4 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr, punching Victor Ortiz
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As featured at Solar Sports on Sunday (Manila time), Mayweather Jr won against Ortiz after knocking the latter with the strong right hand who was caught unaware of that moment.

Mayweather Jr, 34, with a 41-0 record and 25 knock outs, apparently gave Ortiz a right punch while the latter did not seem to be ready as he is apologizing for a head butt.

Ortiz, 24, who stands 5’9″ and the current WBC Welterweight Champion and has a record of 29-2-2 with 22 knock outs, had an exchange of jabs with Mayweather Jr in the round one and ended it with almost the same score.

The second round showed Ortiz throwing more punches than the undefeated world champion but only a few of them landed. Mayweather Jr gets into the corner but seemed to have won that round.

For round three, Mayweather Jr had a nice right to jaw of Ortiz but Mayweather Jr gave him strong jab on the face, with the 5-division boxing champion seemed to have more control of that round.

When round four strikes, Ortiz had Mayweather Jr on the ropes and landed several punches but did not seem to be that strong for his much older opponent. Mayweather Jr responded quickly enough.

Mayweather Jr was headed on the ropes third times but Ortiz could not have got a nice shot to control the round. Nevertheless, the crowd keep on shouting Ortiz‘ name as he try to control the round.

However, Ortiz was penalized for headbutting and the referee deducted a point from him. Mayweather Jr seemed to be unhappy and Ortiz gave him a hug and apologized.

Apparently, Ortiz was caught by surprise as Mayweather Jr gave him a short left followed by a strong right jab and knocked him out, with the younger boxer not able to prepare himself at once.

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