Florida Sinkhole in The Villages in Ocala is Restored

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Florida sinkhole

Florida sinkhole
Credit: Helicon Property Restoration

The Florida Sinkhole in the residential community known as The Villages in Ocala was finally restored according to the Helicon Property Restoration. It was the second Florida sinkhole that hit the state in just a month.

Watch the latest Florida sinkhole on video by clicking here.

Two houses were threatened by the latest Florida sinkhole which opened up last Saturday, April 19, 2014. The giant sinkhole in the Florida state is reportedly 25-foot-long and 50-foot-deep.

After working non-stop since Saturday night, Helicon workers, closely supervised by a project manager, finally restored “the properties to their pre-loss condition” by Sunday evening.

Based on Helicon’s Facebook post, the restoration process also included additional “compaction to the home and full repair of all the landscaping.”

Helicon promised to remove any trace of the Florida sinkhole.

Below is Helicon’s complete statement on the Florida sinkhole status.

Helicon Property Restoration has saved both homes! The sinkhole is filled and Helicon crews, at the direction of a project manager, will now begin restoring the properties to their pre-loss condition! This includes added compaction to the home and full repair of all the landscaping. When Helicon Property Restoration leaves this job site, it will look as if nothing ever happened! Great job to the Helicon team that worked all night to save these homes! From Fires, to Floods, to SINKHOLES, we keep our promises, and there is no need to panic!

Check out the latest Florida sinkhole on video by clicking here.

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