Florida Sinkhole: Giant Sinkhole Opens Up In Windermere, Florida (Photo)

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A giant sinkhole which is still growing opened up in Windermere, Florida, forcing a family to leave their home, international news sites reported on Friday, May 4, 2012.

The sinkhole, as shown below, is said to be about 100-foot wide and 50-foot deep. It has already taken out trees and a hammock, and is threatening to swallow Lambro family’s house if it continues to grow.

Florida Sinkhole
Florida Sinkhole
Credit: ABC News

According to reports, the Lambro family’s house at 4926 Indian Deer Road was declared unsafe by officials of the Orange County Fire Rescue on Thursday.

“It’s scary to even think about it. When we got outside, it was just dropping into the hole. It looked like an avalanche in some ways. I’d said, ‘It would be nice to have a pool, it’s such a pretty view back there,’ but I didn’t want this. That’s a little too deep,” Lou Lambro was quoted as saying.

Nearby homeowners were notified that their houses could be in danger if the sinkhole expands, reports said.

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