Florida donut driving stunt kills 2 including driver, 4 others injured

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A ‘donut’ driving stunt in Florida on Sunday night, resulted to 2 casualties including the driver, as 4 others were injured.

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According to US news sites on Monday, April 25, 2011, Randall Landry was about to do a ‘donut’ maneuver using his F250 truck in a vacant lot in Collier County, Florida.

A ‘donut’ driving stunt is when the driver set the front wheels stationary while the rear wheels are spinning around, as Landry’s truck rotated clockwise but eventually flipped over.

As Florida Highway Patrol has told to reports, the 43-year old driver was thrown away from his heavy-duty truck, including rear seat passenger who was identified as Jose Antonio Castillo, 28.years old.

Apparently, both of them were pinned to death while four other passengers were injured which reports noted that none of them was wearing a seat belt.

Among the two seriously injured was Randall‘s wife, Savannah Landry, 26, and Jessica Guzman, 33, as both of them were brought immediately to rushed to NCH Naples Downtown hospital and Lee Memorial hospital, respectively.

The remaining two passengers of the truck were Sarah Elizabeth Castillo, 27, and Robert L. Guzman, 33, as both of them suffered only minor injuries.

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