Florida Divers Found Large Emerald Ring Treasure From Spanish Shipwreck

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Large emerald ring of Sean Fisher
Sean Fisher Holds Emerald Ring
Image Credit: Sharon Wiley/Mel Fisher’s Treasures

Florida Keys divers from Mel Fisher’s Treasure company of Sean Fisher, found a large emerald ring and two silver spoons from the shipwreck of the Spanish galleon, Nuestra Senora de Atocha on June 23, according to reports by several international news sites on Sunday, July 3, 2011.

Diver Tim Meade recovered the square emerald, initially valued at $500,00, mounted in a gold ring.

The Atocha‘s manifest provides a hint to Fisher’s salvage company that about 100,000 coins, 400 silver bars and personal jewelry are stored at the sterncastle.

The divers were using the Magruder salvage ship when they discovered the emerald ring. Mel Fisher‘s uses another 100-foot (30-meter) salvage ship named Dare in their treasure hunt, which started in 1969. The ships is being manned by six or eight crews and stays out about 10 days at a time, weather permitting. The Fisher company believes that they are closing in on the location of the sterncastle.

Atocha, loaded with gold and silver from the New World, sank due to a hurricane near Key West in September 1622.

In September 1985, Mel Fisher and crew recovered over 40 tons of gold and silver, over 100,000 Spanish silver coins known as “Pieces of Eight,” and Colombian emeralds and other artifacts. The treasure was  estimated to be $500 million.

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