Floating Pirate Ship Bedroom In Minnesota Designed By Steve Kuhl of Kuhl Design Build (Photo)

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Steve Kuhl/kuhldesignbuild
Image Credit: kuhldesignbuild.com

Steve Kuhl has created a unique floating pirate ship inside the bedroom of his client’s six year-old-son in Minnesota, according to reports by several news sites.

Kuhl is the CEO, Creative Director, Business Development and Micro-manager of Kuhl Design Build.

The bedroom design was chosen by the boy among several options that includes a space ship, race car, castle and the pirate ship.

The floating pirate ship features an old ship’s hull made from 2×12 ribs, covered with¬†¬†layers of 1/2 inch plywood to serve as the planking.

The bedroom has a connecting rope bridge leading to the top of a jail cell. There is a rope, suspended from the ship’s hull, that provides drop-in access to the closet.

One of the attraction of the bedroom is a hidden spiral slide that serves as an alternative way to go downstairs.

Below are some of the images inside the floating pirate ship bedroom designed by Steve Kuhl. Click the page number below to navigate through the images.

The bedroom rope bridge that connects the pirate ship to the top of the jail cell.
Image Credit: My Modern Met

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