Flaunting Dinosaur: Dinosaurs Could Really Shake a Tail Feather, Scott Persons Says

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Oviraptor Dinosaurs
Image Credit: Sydney Mohr

Scott Persons, a scientist from the University of Alberta found that some dinosaurs could really shake a tail feather, according to Canadian Press reports, January 4, 2013.

Based on reports, Persons revealed that at least one species of dinosaurs had strong, flexible tails tipped with large fans of feathers “built for flaunting.”

“Don’t think of a trip back to the Mesozoic like a saunter through a reptile house. Think of it as a trip to Las Vegas, because there would be tail-feather fans on show girls for you”, Persons mentioned in a statement.

Moreover, Persons’ newly published paper “Oviraptors”, talks about species of flightless dinosaur distantly related to T. Rex with a vegetarian diet, crested heads and birdlike beaks.They ranged in size from about that of a modern turkey to eight metres long and lived between 145 and 66 million years ago, reports said.

According to reports, by studying fossils from recent findings in Mongolia, Persons realized all his Oviraptors would have had long, nimble tails with attachments for powerful muscles to swish them back and forth. He also found that pygostyles– tails ended in piece of solid bone, can be found only on modern birds.

However, Persons can’t yet say if all Oviraptors boasted tail feathers. Pygostyles are delicate and easily destroyed, leaving open the question of how wide a fan of a creature eight metres long could have spread.

In addition, according to Persons, discoveries such as this allow scientists to draw conclusions both about what dinosaurs looked like and how they may have behaved.

“The Oviraptors, you can think of these elegant, long-legged, fast, apparently warm-blooded dinosaurs that are doing more with their time than sunbathing and eating — dinosaurs that are investing time and energy and material into displays”, Persons added.

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