Flappy Bird Makes $50,000 In Ad Revenue Per Day

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Dong Nguyen, the Vietnamese developer who developed the annoyingly difficult yet addictive Flappy Bird revealed that he is making $50,000 per day for that game.

According to a report from The Verge who interviewed Nguyen, the developer is also clueless on exactly why Flappy Bird took off. Besides, it is just a simple game which he made during his free time when he got home from work.

Flappy Bird Screen
Flappy Bird Screen
Credit: The Verge

Flappy Bird is available both in the App Store and Google Play. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times. The game is simple but very difficult. The only thing the player needs to do is just tap and guide the bird through series of Super Mario-inspired pipes. Well, it is easier said than done as it would take most people hours before even getting a score of 5.

Dong Nguyen has no plans to update the game, the report said. “Flappy Bird has reached a state where anything added to the game will ruin it somehow, so I’d like to leave it as is,” Nguyen was quoted as saying.

Well, if you’re earning $50,000 per day on that game consistently, it is better to enjoy the money than thinking of an update that could ruin the game play, isn’t it?

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