Five Rare Sumatran Elephants Found Life Less In Indonesia

By on Nov 28, 2010 in Animals, Science Comments
Sumatran Elephant
A baby elephant with his mother at a Safari Park in Indonesia
Image Credit: AFP/File/Sonny Tumbelaka

Jakarta, Indonesia – International reports said that five rare Sumatran elephants aged two to four years old were found lifeless in an oil-palm plantation in the province of Riau in Sumatra island on Friday.

According to reports, the Sumatran elephants were likely harmed by a destructive substance that is usually used for wild boars.

Conservation agency official Edi Susanto said that they suspect villagers executed the elephants because the elephants had damaged their crops.

He also said that they are still investigating and they are chasing the perpetrators.

Reports said that human-animal conflicts are one of the rising problems in Indonesia where people are invading on wildlife habitats.

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