Five crashes in 12 hours in the same road in Britain scare residents

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There have been five crashes in 12 hours recently on the same road in Somerset, a non-metropolitan county in South West England, Britain. This series of car crashes occurred at A371 at Evercreech, from Sunday evening (February 24, 2013) to Monday morning, and has caused scare among the residents.

one of five crashes in 12 hours

Steve Cobbin, standing beside one of five cars
that crashed within 12 hours in a road in Britian

Image Credit: Apex via Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail this Thursday, the first accident involved a woman after her car turned sharply on the road at around 8:30 p.m. (local time) on Sunday, and the lady driver was immediately brought to the hospital. Minutes later, another driver mashed off the same spot, hitting the house of a resident named Steve Cobbin.

“It was pretty scary to see five crashes outside the house in the space of 12 hours. My wife has emailed our MP David Heath about this issue and been onto the county highways agency to do something about this problem.” Cobbin, 53, was quoted in the report. Three other cars also hit the same area, shortly after.

“We have seen far too many accidents here. I think when the road was resurfaced it affected the camber and it’s easy to lose control. We are just hoping that highways will do something about it.” Colin Brine, Cobbin‘s nearest neighbor, said. Brine‘s garden was also damaged because of the freak accidents.

However, the theory that the road has its new surface as being the cause of “five crashes in 12 hours” was ruled out by local officials. Devon and Somerset Fire Service explained that there was nothing unusual on the road that indicated the possible cause of the frequent incidents, and why they occurred in such a very short span of time.

In addition, a Somerset County Council spokesman noted that the road was resurfaced about three years ago, and that there no defects or unusual road conditions were found during their inspection that day. Nevertheless, Mr. Cobbin emphasized that there have been five similar incidents over the few years.

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