Fish grabs man’s arm, jumps out from water, goes viral (Video)

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A huge fish grabs a man’s arm, after it jumps out from water and refuses to let go. The man and his companions were surprised, and tried to catch the fish but failed. The incident, which was believed to have happened in a pier in Florida, was captured on camera, as shown in the video below, and went viral.

fish grabs man's arm

Fish grabs man’s arm, being pulled up
from the water

Image Credit: YouTube screen grab

According to the description on the YouTube video, which was uploaded on Saturday, January 12, 2013, a Florida angler named Ryan Reynolds dangles his right arm from the edge of a pier, hoping to attract a fish under the water. Shortly after, a big white fish suddenly surfaced and grabbed his arm, which surprised everyone.

Despite being stunned, Reynolds kept his composure and attempts to get up to bring the fish, which was believed to be tarpon, above the wood surface. A woman can be heard screaming on top of her voice. Another woman and a man came to help the angler, as he tries to hold on to the big fish above the water.

While the woman continues to scream, Ryan managed to pull the fish as he wrestles with the tarpon, which keeps on wagging its body and seemed to be trying to let go of his arm. Later, the angler lost his balance and dropped on the floor along with the fish, with his arm still inside its mouth.

But moments later, the fish let go the man’s arm and successfully escaped and went back to the water. Although Reynolds can be seen walking, it was believed that he had wounds caused by the tarpon, which according to Wikipedia can grow to about 5–8 ft. long and could weigh from 80 up to 280 lbs.

Tarpons, which belong to the species called Megalops, are known to be not for human consumption, so most of them are released after they are caught. Nevertheless, they are mainly caught for sport or during fishing tournaments. But for Reynolds, it appears that he did not use a fishing rod and tried to catch it with bare hands.

Tarpon fish grabs man’s arm, as it jumps out from the water
Video Credit: newsInworld/YouTube

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