First Lauren Scruggs photo after hit by spinning plane propeller last December revealed (Picture)

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Model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs was recently seen in public, as shown in the photo shown below, for the first time after she was badly hit by a spinning plane propeller last December.

Lauren Scruggs (center) and her parents
Image Credit: Nick Stern/Double Vision Media

According to TMZ on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, Lauren Scruggs was seen on Tuesday with her parents, leaving a Dallas hospital and apparently doing well despite losing her left eye and left hand.

As reported earlier, Scruggs, 23, who runs the fashion blog, was rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas last December 3, 2011, after the she was hit by the spinning propeller of a small plane she rode that day.

The said plane was a two-seater Aviat Aircraft Inc., Husky A-1C plane, which landed at the Aero Country Airport (T31), in McKinney, Texas, wherein Ms. Scruggs was the lone passenger, along with the unnamed pilot.

Meanwhile, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released the result of their preliminary investigation on the incident recently, and the pilot claimed that he warned the model before the incident took place.

“Once he saw that the passenger was at least beyond where the strut was attached to the wing, and walking away, he dropped his right arm and returned to his normal seat position.” A statement reads at

“The pilot then looked to the left side of the airplane and opened his window to ask who was next to go for a ride.” The NTSB added, noting that the pilot said he heard someone yelling “Stop, Stop” and immediately shut down the engine and saw Lauren Scruggs lying in front of the airplane.

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