First “Flying” Submarine to Explore Deepest Ocean, Richard Branson’s Latest “Toy”

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British Billionaire Richard Branson launches the first “flying” submarine that will explore the deepest points in five oceans all over the globe. This was reported by international news sites, April 6, 2011.

The submarine is the latest collection of Branson, aside from thousands of projects and his SpaceShip Two, which has provided heart-racing sub orbital journey for people who seek extreme rides. Branson under his company Virgin, will embark on a Virgin Oceanic Expedition in which he will undertake a daring solo exploration to the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean.

Branson leads the different fields that the company is involved with like finance, tourism, health, travel, music festivals, broadband, TV and many more subsidiaries that the company owns all over the globe. The latest of which is the “flying submarine.”

According to Branson the goal of the daring expedition is to “assist science.”  He also stated in his site that:

Virgin Oceanic is working with some of the most eminent scientific institutions in the world to collate data and catalogue life forms that will never have seen before by human eyes and are unknown to science. The ability to go deep and then explore has been a dream of these great Oceanic Institutes – that dream is now close to becoming reality.”

This is the VirginOceanic sub teaser trailer uploaded at YouTube by VirginOceanic.

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