First batch of 2012 VW Beetle winners from Oprah Winfrey receive their new cars

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The first batch of 2012 VW Beetle winners from Oprah Winfrey have already received their new Volkswagen cars on Thursday, October 13, 2011.

Pastor Leonardo Gilbert and his brand new car,
the 2012 VW Beetle, from Oprah Winfrey

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As reported by US news sites on Friday, the first 21 lucky winners of the 2012 VW Beetle from talk show queen Oprah Winfrey have already received their brand new cars, free of tax and fees.

Last November, Oprah announced during the last season of her “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that the audience that time will receive a redesigned Volkswagen each, and there were 275 of them.

On that taped episode, Oprah mentioned that the 2012 VW Beetle is among her “Ultimate Favorite Things” and surprised her audience, as part of her gratitude to her followers in 25 years of the show.

According to reports, the first 21 winners who got their new 2012 VW Beetle cars were allowed to choose from four different colors such as Reflex Silver, Denim Blue, Saturn Yellow, and Tornado Red.

Volkswagen America CEO Jonathan Browning endorsed them the keys with the cars delivered on their branch at Orland Park, Illinois, with Oprah Winfrey not present that time.

Among the 2012 VW Beetle winners mentioned in reports include Jewel Baker, Anita Swift-Meyers, Ginny Luther, Kellee Walker and her mother, Mary Watson, Ken Nix and his wife Jane, and Leonardo Gilbert.

“It is going to be a blessing in this economy. I will use it as a second car, for errands and things.” Leonardo Gilbert was quoted in an interview by The New York Times via telephone.

Gilbert, 52, a pastor of Sheldon Heights Church of Christ in Chicago, is only among the few male winners of the redesigned Volkswagen car from Oprah, and have chosen the Reflex Silver edition.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen did not announced as to when the next batch of 2012 VW Beetle winners will receive their own new cars but is being expected to be in the next couple of weeks.

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