Finger in fish: Human finger found inside a fish in Idaho lake

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Nolan Calvin, a fisherman, along with his friends reportedly found a finger inside a fish in Priest Lake in Idaho, which later known to be belonging to Haans Galassi, an experienced wakeboarder from Washington, who lost his four fingers in an accident in the same lake more than two months ago.

Haans Galassi

Haans Galassi, before he lost his four fingers
Image Credit: Haans Galassi Facebook

As noted at ABC News on Wednesday, September 26, 2012, Galassi was wakeboarding in mid-July when an incident happen that cause him to lost his four fingers, which one of them matched to the one that was found by Calvin and his friends inside the fish, in the mid part of August.

“A friend of mine caught the fish. And as soon as I gutted it, I opened it and saw the human finger. A lot of things go through your mind. We were hoping it was more of a boat accident than a body. Its just one of those things…I’ve never found a finger before in my life.” Calvin told ABC News.

According to the report, the finger in the fish belongs to the left hand of Galassi, who had trouble when his left hand was trapped in the towline connecting his wakeboard to the boat. He was unable to free it in time, when the rope tightened itself within split seconds, damaging almost all his left fingers.

“I pulled my hand out of the water, I looked down, and all four fingers were basically gone. It was carnage. It looked like a ‘Braveheart’ movie. It was just flesh and bone.” Galassi told the news, noting he was rushed to the nearest hospital via helicopter. A half of his index finger, half a pointer finger, and a thumb were left.

“I never expected anybody would ever find my fingers. I just expected that the fish would eat them. They’re gone. Sayonara. They’re at the bottom of the lake. They’re fish food.” Galassi added, emphasizing that he is happy to see his finger again but did not want his finger to be connected to his hand again.

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