Final Rasmussen Presidential Polls 2012: Mitt Romney leads by 1% over President Obama, tied in Ohio

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Rasmussen Reports released its final presidential polls for Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Election Day, and showed that Mitt Romney is ahead of President Barack Obama by 1%, which has the same result on Monday. Both candidates were tied at 49% on Sunday, and were tied at 48% on Friday and Saturday.

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According to a post by the Rasmussen Reports on Tuesday morning, Mitt Romney attracted from 49% of voters across the US, while President Obama only had 48%. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate. Romney was leading over Obama by 3 percent last week.

As noted at, Both candidates are viewed favorably by 50% of voters across the US. Fifty percent (50%) said they trust Romney more, while 47% said they trust the president more. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of voters are now excited about the choice between the two candidates.

For Ohio, in which the election result is being considered to be the deciding factor, the final Rasmussen Reports presidential polls show that Obama and Romney are tied at 49%. One percent (1%) favors some other presidential candidate, and another one percent (1%) is undecided.

As of this writing, Ohio remains one of the eight Toss-Up states in the Rasmussen Reports Electoral College Map Projections, along with Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Wisconsin. If Romney will win in Virginia and Florida, he also needs to win either Ohio or Wisconsin to win the election.

Last week, Obama and Romney were also tied at 49% in Ohio, a few days after the former Massachusetts governor had a 2% lead, 50% to 48%. The two candidates have been within two percentage points of one another or less in every Rasmussen presidential polls in Ohio since May.

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