Fighter jet shot down over Benghazi, rockets attack, despite Libya ceasefire announced (Photo)

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Fighter jet was shot down on Saturday, March 19, 2011, and went into flames over Benghazi, as rockets attack and gunshots are being heard, despite that Libya has declared ceasefire on Friday.

Fighter jet shot down in Benghazi
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As shown here in the photo, a Fighter jet plane was shot down and reports say that this was due to a rocket attack in Benghazi in the eastern part Libya, where rebels were said to be on a stronghold.

One day before, Libya foreign secretary Moussa Koussa appeared on state TV on Friday and declared a ceasefire in the country after UN voted for a no-fly over the country.

However, witnesses and international news reporters who are currently in Benghazi said that gunshots and explosions are still being heard.

Apparently, the fighter jet that was shot down was believed to be belonging to the rebels, Libyan Interim Council head Mustafa Abdul Jalil told reports.

United Nations Security Council announced a no-fly zone over Libya, but Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi earlier spoke on TV and heard on radio, warning Benghazi residents and rebels that ‘no mercy attack’ will be implemented.

Meanwhile, British air forces are being expected to arrive in Libya within the next couple of hours.

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