Feather in baby’s neck emerges from swollen pimple, removed by doctors (Photo)

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A feather in baby’s neck was seen emerging from a swollen pimple, as shown in the photo below. The baby was identified as Mya Whittington, nearly 7 months old. She was brought to a hospital in Kansas on Sunday, December 9, 2012 by her parents after they noticed that her jaw has swelled up.

feather in baby's neck

Feather in baby’s neck
Image Credit: Aaron and Emma Whittington

According to ABC News on Thursday, December 13, 2012, Aaron and Emma Whittington, Mya‘s parents, brought their daughter to Hutchinson Regional Medical because the area right below her left jaw started to grow on Saturday, December 8 up to the size on one and a half golf balls and with a “pimple” on top of it.

“I was at work and my wife noticed that the left side of her neck had started to swell, and she called me at work and asked if we should take her to the emergency room. Sunday morning, when we woke up, it had doubled in size and there was a pimple-looking thing on the end of it.” Aaron Whittington told ABC News.

As told to them by the Whittington couple, baby Mya was checked by the doctors and did not noticed anything unusual and thought she only had a staph infection of her lymph nodes. However, nothing came out after they tried to drain the baby’s neck, and her parents earlier thought that it is only due to a swollen gland.

Nevertheless, the Whittingtons said that only after hours later, they noticed a half-inch ‘string-like’ object is coming out from Mya‘s neck and immediately call the doctors, who were surprised when they have pulled it and realized that it was 2-inch feather, which caused the baby’s neck to swell.

“As far as how the feather got into the side of the neck, our doctor says we’ll probably never really know. But her best guess is that she either inhaled it or tried swallowing it and it got lodged in the throat somewhere, and the body, just being crazy, just started to reject it and force it out the side of her neck.” Mr. Whittington added.

Apparently, her pediatrician says that Mya now has “100% recovered” and that no surgery is required since the scar on her face will eventually heal on its own.

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