Fearne Cotton wears swimsuit on Radio 1, world’s longest radio show raises £2.4million for Red Nose Day (Video)

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Fearne Cotton wore a swimsuit on BBC’s Radio 1 studio, as shown in the video below, as it became the world’s longest radio show with a total of 52 hours and raised £2.4million for Red Nose Day.

Fearne Cotton in swimsuit at BBC Radio 1
Image Credit: BBCRadio1/YouTube

As noted at Daily Mail on Saturday, March 19, 2011, BBC Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton promised that she would wear a swimsuit on the show once the donation for Comic Relief, a charity project for Red Nose Day, will reach £2 million.

Apparently, BBC Radio 1’s attempt to be the world’s longest radio show which started on Wednesday morning and ended on 10:30 a.m. on Saturday was successful, as it lasted for 52 hours and was awarded with a Guinness World Record certificate later.

They beat the previous record of 37 hours straight, which was done in 1999 by Simon Mayo, also at BBC Radio 1.

The radio show was presented by Chris Moyles along with his co-host ‘Comedy’ Dave Vitty, went on air for more than two straight days with only a five-minute break for every hour.

Meanwhile, Fearne Cotton kept her promise as she appeared on the radio studio when the amount passed the £2million mark at about 10 a.m., wearing a striped one-piece swimsuit.

However, Cotton‘ appearance that went for about 20 minutes caused the Radio 1 website to crash due to high volume of traffic, and the DJ’s updated their followers through Twitter.

“Ok. Due to high volumes of traffic (we wonder why), the website has crashed. Red Button still running!” Radio 1 tweeted.

“The latest total is an amazing £2,406,648 and Fearne Cotton is in the studio in her swimsuit for the next 10 minutes.” Radio 1 tweeted again, in which the amount went to Red Nose Day’s charity work.

In the studio, Fearne Cotton did not seem to feel comfortable at first, admitting that she is not wearing one of her own swimsuit collection, as the one bought by Radio 1 colleague Alex Cornish was small for her size.

Later, while Cotton reads out the list of people to thank, Moyles made an excuse that he lost his contact lens and sat beside the embarrassed lady presenter.

Fearne Cotton in swimsuit on BBC Radio 1, world’s longest radio show, raised £2.4million for Comic Relief
Video Credit: BBCRadio1/YouTube

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