Father and Son attend NASA Space Shuttle STS-1 and STS-135 mission launch 30 years apart (Photo)

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A father and son tandem attended Space Shuttle STS-1 mission on April 12, 1981 and the STS-135 mission launch last July 8, 2011, or 30 years later, as shown in the photo below.

Chris Bray and his father Kenneth had a photo together in 1981 and repeated the same scenario after 30 years, with Chris recently uploaded the side-by-side photo on his Flickr account.

Back in 1981, Kenneth Bray and his son Chris, then 13 years old, attended the STS-1 mission, the first launch of the NASA Space Shuttle, with Kenneth using binoculars and Chris is wearing a blue shirt.

Thirty years later, Kenneth and Chris returned to the Kennedy Space Center to witness the final launch of the Space Shuttle, with Chris already an adult and Kenneth is now gray-haired.

“The picture we waited 30 years to complete.” Chris Bray wrote on his Flickr page, which the photo now has nearly 660,000 views and more than 720 comments, all praises.

“We’ve always loved that first photo,” The younger Bray was quoted telling to Washington Post early this week, noting that he did not expect their side-by-side photo will touch people’s lives.

“Taking a similar one for the last launch seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate the shuttle program and our relationship by putting the time passed in perspective, celebrating the interests we share, and illustrating the father/son bond we’ve maintained over the years.” Chris added.

Chris Bray and his father Kenneth at NASA Space Shuttle STS-1 and STS-135 mission launch,
30 years apart

Photo courtesy of Chris Bray/Flickr

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