Fat Tuesday: Polish Americans to Celebrate Paczki Day with Fatty Paczkis

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Fat Tuesday or Paczki Day
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Fat Tuesday, also called Paczki Day and considered as the last day of indulgence before the season of Lent, is usually celebrated by many Polish Americans with lots of Paczkis.

Paczkis, pronounced as “ponch-key”, has become the traditional food during Fat Tuesday. They are pastries or doughnut made from remaining ingredients in the house that include lard, sugar, and eggs.

While some people bake their own Paczkis, others preferred to buy in stores that offer flavored Paczkis. Some of Paczki‘s flavor include strawberry cream, prune, apple, raspberry and lemon.

During Fat Tuesday, Dainty Maid Bakeshop, a popular Paczki store in downtown South Bend, is reportedly selling over 12,000 assorted Paczkis annually.

Robaire Bakery and Doughnut Shop, a Michigan bakery, has been consuming over 300 dozen eggs, 50 gallons of milk and a lot of butter for their preparations for Paczki Day.

While almost every bakery in Michigan offers fried Paczkis, Patisserie bakery sells baked Paczkis which cuts the calorie content to about a half.

A typical Paczki is estimated to contain 400 calories and at least 25 grams of fat, according to several sites.

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