Fat-blocking Pepsi unveiled in Japan, new Pepsi has ‘fat absorption reduction’ ingredient

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A so-called fat-blocking Pepsi called Pepsi Special was unveiled in Japan, with Pepsi noting that the new soda has an indigestible fat-blocking fiber called dextrin, which is also being used in some baked goods. American nutritionists have mixed reactions, noting that it is unlikely to be available in the United States soon.

Fat blocking Pepsi ad

‘Fat-blocking’ Pepsi Special
Image Credit: Pepsi.co.jp

According to a press release by Pepsi distributor Suntory International Food Co., Ltd. on its official Japanese website on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, this fat-blocking Pepsi will be made available for specific health use, fat absorption reduction, noting that the shades of gold and black on its logo shows a sense of luxury.

“It is a cola beverage to increase the discharge reduce the absorption of fat by the action of indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber), and from the diet, and calm the postprandial rise in triglycerides in the blood.” A statement reads at Suntory.co.jp, as translated to English via Google Translate.

“Taking advantage of the development technology of drinking, PepsiCo have been developed over many years in the community, we have realized the aftertaste with a crisp refreshing and unique, “Pepsi” I let mitigate the habit peculiar indigestible dextrin.” Suntory International added.

Madelyn Fernstrom, diet and nutrition editor of NBC‘s Today Show, wrote that Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) of Japan is lenient for such kinds of fortified foods, and this fat-blocking Pepsi will not harm and is safe, but stressing out that it is not being expected to arrive in the US soon.

“The FDA regulates foods and beverages and monitors health claims made by these products. The FDA prevents soda and candy from being fortified with nutrients. (Fiber is a nutrient). The bottom line is, as you well know — when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Fernstrom wrote at Today’s Health.

Fat blocking Pepsi ad
‘Fat-blocking’ Pepsi Special ad
Image Credit: Pepsi.co.jp

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