FARM: shop London, Fresh Food is Grown and Sold in Store

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FARM:shop, Farm in a Shop
Image Credit: CNN

The FARM: shop in London is a shop that grows and sells its own fresh food amidst that urban environment. According to Paul Smyth in the video below released by CNN, April 2, 2012,

“The FARM: shop can reconnect people with their food. We’ve had this separation of countryside and city living. So the connection has been severed between what you eat and how it’s grown.”

Chicken, eggs, fishes like Tilapia, and vegetables like lettuce, cabbages are grown in the shop itself.  The water from the fish acts as a fertilizer for the plants, according to Smyth. People go there to learn how to grow vegetables or “look after a chicken.” The shop has fresh eggs every day and newly plucked vegetables.

Smyth also said that with FARM: shop less energy is used because people don’t have to refrigerate, transport and distribute food, because it is eaten where it is grown.

Below is the CNN video of FARM: shop and Paul Smyth, its co-founder, who talks about this great innovation in agriculture and food shops.

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