Facts on How Osama Bin Laden Got Tracked and Killed

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Reports said that the U.S. national security sources describe how Osama Bin Laden was tracked down and eventually killed in an intense fire fight in Pakistan on Sunday. Navy SEALs known as “Team Six”, the legendary elite unit had surrounded a high-walled compound, which was located about 20 miles north of Islambad and not far from a Pakistani military training facility.  Inside the compound’s labyrinth, the SEALs unit came face to face with Bin Laden and eventually shot him in the head and killed.

According to reports on interviews with two national security sources, the critical break in the case came when Al Qaeda fighters detained in Guantanamo produced information about a courier messages to Bin Laden.  There were also a series of top-secret briefings through March and April that strengthen the evidence that indeed Osama was inside the heavily guarded compound of Abbottabad.

As President Obama announced, the operation was done in consent with Pakistan and the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. The intelligence operation that tracked down Bin Laden outside the Pakistani capital was more than nine months in the making.  One national security source reportedly said that it is believed that those intelligence assets pushed Bin Laden out of the mountains along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan and deeper into Pakistan.

Reports from national security sources also confirm that Bin Laden’s body is in U.S. custody and FBI forensic teams confirmed that the DNA proves that it is the body of the Al Qaeda leader.

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