Facebook Questions: A New Feature “Get Answers from People You Trust”

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Facebook, the number one social networking site introduces another ingenious feature. the Facebook Questions.” The Facebook Questions is a feature where members can post questions on anything and get answers from the “people in their lives.”  This was disclosed at the Facebook blog by Adrian Graham, this month of March 2011.

According to the Facebook blog, with the Facebook Questions, members can do the following:

  • Get recommendations on restaurants, music and more
  • Create a quick poll to gather opinions and learn about friends
  • Share what they know by answering questions of friends
  • Point friends to the right direction

The questions can be widely circulated as the friends of the users’ friends can also read the question. It is similar to Google where the user can search for answers. The apparent difference stems from the fact that the answers come from persons whom the members trust and  know of.

The Facebook Questions will be fully functional anytime soon.

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