Facebook might pay users for Sponsored Stories settlement on Angel Fraley vs Facebook case

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Facebook might pay some of its users to up to $10 each, as part of its settlement over the Sponsored Stories advertising class action lawsuit filed against them back in April 2011. This is after the giant social networking site recently agreed to pay and sent a legal notice to affected users. But then, it may not be applicable to all.

As noted at CNN Money on Monday, January 28, 2013, Facebook might be paying some of its 1 billion users who will receive the legal notice. This is after Facebook and the suing parties agreed on the settlement for the controversial Angel Fraley vs Facebook Inc. case, and to pay Internet privacy advocacy groups.

According to the report, U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg approved the settlement but emphasized that affected Facebook users should also receive a portion of the cash payment. As a result, Facebook sent email settlement notices to some of its users using the email address [email protected].

As explained at FraleyFacebookSettlement.com, Sponsored Stories, which was launched by Facebook in January 2011, is an advertising strategy where a Facebook user or entity that a business, organization, or individual paid to promote their posts, including names, profile pictures, and photographs that sells products.

If a Facebook user will ‘Like’ on a brand (ex. Target), his friends might start seeing Target-related ads with the user’ face next to the ad. In March 2011, five Facebook members, two of them were minors, filed a case vs Facebook, claiming that their personal information were unlawfully used for Sponsored Stories.

However, there is a catch. Besides the fact that users should follow some procedures, there’s no guarantee that all of them will get the money. The more people who will receive claims, the lesser chance each individual will be eligible to receive them. Nevertheless, Facebook funded this case for $20 million, so who knows?

Below is the list of the options of the Sponsored Stories lawsuit Class Members for the Angel Fraley vs Facebook case, which is further being explained at FraleyFacebookSettlement.com.

Facebook Sponsored Stories settlement options
Angel Fraley vs Facebook Sponsored Stories settlement options
Credit: FraleyFacebookSettlement.com

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