Facebook Like button now acts like a Share button, sharing posts on profile wall

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The Facebook Like button now allows users to share posts on their profile walls, which means it now acts like a Share button, as shown in the sample screenshot below.

Facebook Like button
Photo credit: Mashable.com

As noted at Mashable on Monday, Facebook released an update on the functionality of Like button and has now the same action as the Share button.

Therefore, hitting the Like button of an article or story in a site will allow the full story headline, blurb and a thumbnail to be posted on the profile wall of the user, and an option to leave a comment.

Unlike before, only a link to the article or story will appear in the recent activity which is often being unnoticed by users.

Apparently, Facebook spokeswoman Malorie Lucic told Mashable that the latest update of the Like button is just a test but the latter said it does not seem to be that way.

“Usually, if a test is being done it only applies to a few users but this recent changes applies to all.” Mashable said on their post.

Nevertheless, the changes of the Like button is being believed to be leaving users thinking twice before hitting it, while publishers suggests that it can help a lot in increasing their web traffic.

Facebook Like button sample screenshot
Screenshot credit: Angel Cuala Facebook page/BatangasToday.com

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