Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s new house is worth $7 million (Photo)

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was reported to have bought a house in Monte Alto, as shown in the photo below, and was said to be worth $7 million.

Zuckerberg new house

Mark Zuckerberg new house
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Image Credit: TMZ.com

As reported at LA Times on Friday, May 6, Mark Zuckerberg bought a new house, which is incidentally the first house he bought, covers an area of 5,600 square foot.

Zuckerberg’s new home has five bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a marbled master suite, a saltwater swimming pool, an outside fireplace and is a remodeled turn-of-the-20th-century house.

According to the report, the real estate transaction did not close under Zuckerberg‘s name, but said that the house is about 10 minutes to drive from his company’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Apparently, the $7 million house sits on a 17,000-square-foot lot and was said to be one of the highest expenses of the Facebook founder.

The house is being surrounded by a high wall and covered with trees for privacy purposes since the owners still live there along with Mark Zuckerberg.

Back in January, the 26-year old billionaire was reported to have had a stalker named Pradeep Manukonda, who sent him a handwritten letter, as well as Facebook messages.

As noted at Mercury News, which was believed to have first reported about Zuckerberg’s new house, the $7 million house is still far from other fellow billionaires’ houses including that of Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison.

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