Facebook down in some countries in UK for hours, according to Twitter users

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Facebook seems to be down in some countries, and apparently the shutdown has been for some hours until now, according to some Twitter users, particularly from UK.

As of this writing, the phrase ‘Facebook down’ is starting to be a trend in Twitter and Google Trends, as users complain and asking others if Facebook is also down on their side.

In a latest post The Next Web published by European editor Martin Bryant, Facebook appears to be down in Norway and Sweden, and some users claim that it has been down for about 5 hours.

Bryant added that there is experiencing a white-out page that never loads; and this recent shutdown of Facebook suggests that it is not a location-based problem.

Incidentally, some Facebook users in UK also complain that they cannot access Facebook‘s website and the through the iPhone app.

Below is the graph from DownRightNow.com, showing that Facebook apparently went down for 5 hours, as well screenshots of some Twitter users.

Meanwhile, Facebook users from US and Asia have no complain so far, including users from the Philippines.

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