Facebook Connect: Facebook launched a Dashboard and users can now acquire personal information (Video Demo)

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Mark Zuckerberg has just announced a new feature that allows Facebook users to download their personal information.

This fresh announcement was made by the Facebook founder himself in a special event moments ago, as witnessed by some press including Alexia Tsotsis of TechCrunch.

According to Alexia’s post, ‘it seems like Facebook is the “open” portable Facebook’, as Facebook users can download their personal information in a zip file, which includes profile, photos, messages, and others.

“People own and have control over all info they put into Facebook and “Download Your Information” enables people to take stuff with them,” says Zuckerberg, as posted at TechCrunch.

Facebook Product Manager David Recordon added that this ‘Download your Information’ feature will be accessible through the user’s account setting in a one-click process.

In addition, Facebook users can also upload their information to other sites through Facebook Connect, as told by Zuckerberg, in which he said, is ‘Facebook’s real effort to bring our sites to other sites’.

And as also announced a while ago, Facebook Connect, can now be used in over one million sites, which includes .com, .net, .info, and .org.

Meanwhile, here is another first-hand information was reported by Leena Rao, also from TechCrunch.

A new dashboard will be available at the Privacy Settings, where Facebook users can view how many sites and applications they have permitted to access their personal data through the network and Facebook Connect.

This latest feature of Facebook might be answer to the privacy problem issues which is now very much common in social networking sites.

The Facebook event, which may still be live at this moment, is being held at the Facebook headquarters in California Avenue.

This means that the latest features mentioned above at Facebook may take awhile before they can be available for use.

But for now, here is a ‘Download your Information’ demo video from You Tube and was uploaded by Facebook a few hours ago.

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