Facebook Confirmed No Plans Of Charging Their Users

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A bogus information is spreading online that Facebook is going to charge their users due to the new profile changes.

The message is encouraging everybody to forward the information before midnight of Sunday, September 25, 2011 for them to avail the service free or members will pay the corresponding membership per month if the said message will be ignored.

According to the said rumor, the information was official and was even on the news, however, earlier report said that the message is a hoax. The issue had reached the attention of Facebook and through their official Fanpage, they confirmed that the rumor is not true and that Facebook will always be free of charge.

Here’s a screen shot of the message issued by Facebook through their official Fanpage.

Facebook Price
Image Credit: Screen Shot From Facebook

Meanwhile, according to Snopes.com “the claim that Facebook would be initiating user charges was but the bait to lure people to a certain page and its hidden malicious payload.”

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