Facebook blocks Effin, a village in Ireland as hometown for being ‘offensive’

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Facebook reportedly blocked the use of Effin, a small village in Ireland, as hometown of users, which the social networking site claims as being an offensive word.

Anne Marie Kennedy
Image Credit: Owen South/Limerick Leader

According to British news sites on Friday, December 2, 2011, a woman named Anne Marie Kennedy tried to add Effin at Facebook as her location but she was not allowed to do so.

Effin is small town in County Limerick, Ireland but Facebook blocked Effin residents from using it as their hometown, and considered it as ‘offensive’. A slang language meaning of the word Effin could mean the F-word.

“I would like to be able to put Effin on my profile page and so would many other Effin people around the world to proudly say that they are from Effin, County Limerick, but it won’t recognize that.” Kennedy was quoted on reports.

“It will recognize Limerick but I’m not from Limerick city, I’m from Effin. I’m a proud Effin woman. And I always will be an Effin woman.” She added, noting that she and her friends have been trying for months to add Effin as their hometown but all of them failed.

Ms. Kennedy also noted that she recently tried to set up a Facebook page entitled, “Please get my hometown Effin recognized” but was also blocked and a reply message from Facebook said that Effin is an ‘offensive’ word.

Kennedy, 47, told reports that Facebook is rather recommending other places such as Effingham, Illinois; Effingham, New Hampshire as replacement for Effin, but she did not use them. Facebook, however, allows Effin in Groups and as Profile names.

“From time to time we are alerted to oversights such as this in our mapping system. We will look to correct it to ensure places like Effin can be ‘liked’ on Facebook.” A Facebook spokesperson was quoted at BBC News.

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