Facebook and Twitter fans to vote yes or no: Should Barbie take Ken back?

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Toymaker Mattel Corporation has launched a massive social media campaign asking Facebook and Twitter users with a question just in time for Valentine’s Day, Should Barbie take Ken back?, as shown in the screenshot below.

As posted at Barbie and Ken website, a huge banner is asking the fans of the most popular doll in the world to vote, yes or no, accompanied by a ‘Love-o-Meter,’ with five emotional options. Ken is now 50 years old but still has the looks of a fashion model.

The love-meter ranges from ‘Don’t even consider it’, ‘Let him down easy’, ‘It’s complicated,’ Give him a chance!’, and ‘Ken is your soulmate!’ Barbie and Ken were said to have officially separated in 2004, when Ken went on his solo fashion career.

Mattell also announced its partnership with Magnolia Bakery in Los Angeles and New York City to create a special cupcake that will only be sold on Valentine’s Day, which apparently can ‘help’ Ken win back the heart of Barbie.

Should Barbie take Ken back?
Photo credit: BarbieAndKen.com

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