Face-Kini: Latest Craze On Beaches In China (Photo)

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Credit: Ecouterre

“Face-Kini” is the latest craze being used by beach-goers in China who want skin protection from the sun, international news sites reported on Saturday, August 18, 2012.

According to reports, the face-kini is a light cloth version of a ski mask, as shown in the photo accompanying this report. It is often paired with a long-sleeved shirt to protect the whole body from the sun.

The face-kini is used to protect the beach-goer from getting a tanner skin. Reports said that in China, fairer skin is considered more beautiful. Tanner skin is considered a result of working outside in the fields while fairer skin is a result of wealth or professionalism since exposure to the sun is limited.

According to Chinese media reports, most face-kini wearers are believed to be retired local women who do not want to get sunburn on their faces.

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