EyeLock: Log in to any password protected sites using your eyes

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Based on reports regarding the most recent Finovate conference in San Francisco Tuesday, Hoyos Group, a New York-based company founded in 2005, uncovered a new product called EyeLock.

Apparently, news updates inform the public that this device can effectively recognize iris, providing access to top-secret files of all your personal accounts.  According to same report, this is now being referred to as the first and only portable iris-scanning device for consumers.

As described by similar reports, the device is in a form of a USB drive and just the size of a standard business card with a weight of about four ounces.

As record further explained, it will work once the program is installed, deciding which applications to Eyelock after which, a wand-like scanner will be used to scan the eye. Supposedly, anyone can now automatically log in to any password-protected sites such as Facebook, Gmail, PayPal or even bank account.

Tracy Hoyos, assistant marketing director, apparently cites, “Every time you log in, it reads your iris and creates a unique key, which is a series of numbers, and this key changes every time you log in, so no one can hack it.”

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