Extraordinary X-ray Photos Including Roentgen’s Wife’s Hand Featured in Life.com

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Roentgen Hands
Roentgen’s Wife’s Hand
Credit: Hulton Archive/
Getty Images/Life.com

Life.com recently featured extraordinary x-ray photos taken since 1895, the year when the x-ray technology was invented. This was reported on Yahoo! News on Tuesday, June 7, 2011.

The photos featured range from creepy, unique and beautiful. It includes x-rays of seahorses, shells, lizard, and flowers. Among the unique and creepy are x-rays of a two-headed bobtail skink, siamese twins and a boy born with a third leg in his back.

They also featured x-rays of ordinary things such as a staple gun, telephone and receiver, cassette recorder and a mouse.

They featured a total of 42 real-life x-rays, and added one which shows the x-ray of Homer Simpson‘s brain.

Life.com was said to be the largest and most amazing collection of professional photography on the web. It was reported that it adds about 3,000 photos everyday, showing images of people, events and places shaping the world right now.

The full collection of x-ray photos can be viewed at Life.com. Below are just 5 of the x-ray photos featured on the said website. (Click the page numbers to see more).

Tulips X-ray
X-ray of Tulips from 1910. Credit: Edward Charles Le Grice / Getty Images /Life.com

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