Exploding Watermelons in China, Prompted Government to Encourage Media to Act as Watchdogs (Video)

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Exploding Watermelons
Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk

The exploding watermelons in China had prompted its government to encourage media to investigate and publish food scandals to ensure food safety. The role of media as “Watchdogs” was recognized by China. This was reported by international news sites, May 17, 2011.

This resulted after another food safety issue occurred in the province of Jiangsu where Liu Mingsuo witnessed his watermelons exploding. According to reports, the watermelon was sprayed with forchlorfenuron, a growth enhancer that could increase the size and growth of the watermelon by two weeks.

The forchlorfenuron though was sprayed earlier and in wet conditions, which experts say, may have caused the bursting of the fruits. Forchlorfenuron has been used in China since 2008 without apparent health risks to humans. But the six babies who died and the thousands of people affected by the melamine-tainted milk have made China wary of food safety issues.

The exploding watermelons incident comes after the melamine-tainted milk scandal, steroid laced pork meat and other local food scandals as reported by China’s local news.

This video courtesy of msnbc.com, features the exploding watermelons.

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