Exploding iPhone caught on CCTV, Finnish teenager claims (Photo and Video)

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An exploding iPhone in Finland was reportedly caught on CCTV camera early this week, as shown in the photo and video below. The said iPhone is owned by a Finnish teenager and was inside his back pocket when it exploded.

Henri Helminen, showing his burned iPhone
Image Credit: Hanna Leppanen/SK24.fi

As noted at SK24.fi, a Finnish website, on Monday, July 2, 2012, a 17-year-old Finnish named Henri Helminen was seen getting off a van that morning and while walking, his three-month old iPhone in his back pocket exploded that caught him off-guard and nearly injured himself.

According to the report, Henri was with his father Juho Helminen earlier, just hours before the incident, in his father’s company in Pori, Uuteenniittyyn, and claimed that his iPhone was working perfectly, with Satakunta Nation‘s committee saying that the video seems to be authentic.

“I usually come to work at nine. If I had come only then, I would have slept next to my iPhone when it exploded.” Henri Helminen was quoted in the report, adding that he is somehow lucky that the incident occurred while he is awake.

Back in November 2011, an iPhone exploded shortly after Australian plane Regional Express flight ZL319 landed. The device, which was believed to be an iPhone 4, is owned by an unnamed passenger, and the cause of the combustion was not known.

Exploding iPhone inside a back pocket of a Finnish teenager
Video Credit: Satakunnan Kansan

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