Exoskeleton helped paralyzed student to walk at UC Berkeley Graduation

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Austin Whitney
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According to a recent news report, May 15, 2011, it was indeed  a special day for Austin Whitney, who figured in a car accident that resulted in the severing of his spinal cord that left him paralyzed, as he walks on stage during the University of California Berkeley graduation day.

Apparently, it was reported, that it was four years ago that he crashed into a tree while driving drunk, which forced him to live a life in a wheelchair.

Whitney was quoted telling ABC News, “If somebody told me four years ago that I’d be walking at this graduation, I would have never believed them in a million years”.

Seemingly, he did just that, as he was reportedly seen successfully walking across the stage at graduation, with the aid of mechanical braces attached to his body and motorized joints directed by a computer brain.

Allegedly related, it was a professor of mechanical engineering named Homayoon Kazerooni and a group of graduate students that developed the Exoskeleton, the robotic skeleton, that helped him realize his vision of walking again.

Furthermore, similar reports quoted Whitney saying, “I stood up in that machine for the first time on my 22nd birthday and that was the first time standing up really in four years,” he said. “I trust the machine an amazing amount. I know that machine like it is my own legs”.

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