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Executive Optical (EO) billboard ad along EDSA being criticized for being ‘racist’ (Photo)

By on Jun 21, 2012 in Asia, Business, Lifestyle Comments

Manila, Philippines – An Executive Optical (EO) billboard ad, as shown in the photo below, is now being criticized by some netizens (Internet users), saying that it could be a ‘racist’ ad; more than a week after a Bayo ad received criticisms for the same reason.

Executive Optical billboard ad
Image Credit: Mike Shih Twitter

Apparently, the said Executive Optical billboard ad, which is standing along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), started receiving negative comments on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, posted at social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Don’t be a loser. Have your eyes checked.” A statement reads on the alleged EO racist ad, bearing the company name and logo, showing a dark-skinned man wearing a pair of eyeglasses, smiling as he embraces a young beautiful lady, while a light-skinned man, not wearing eyeglasses, looked surprised.

“This is so much worse than the Bayo campaign!” (@shihboy) tweeted, who posted a photo of the EO ad on his Twitter account, adding later, “I agree to catchy ads. They’re quite entertaining actually but I’m surprised Pinoys don’t find this one offensive.”

“I didn’t find the Bayo ad to be racist but this EO ad is way out of line. That’s how a typical Pinoy looks like.” (@ _jmz) tweeted, with the gorgeous lady on the ad seen holding a bunch of yellow flowers given to her by the dark-skinned man, while the light-skinned man is holding a bunch of cauliflower.

“Anong ginagawa ng Ad Standards Council tungkol sa racist ad campaigns tulad ng sa Bayo & EO? Send your complaints here:” (@jeffcrisostomo) tweeted, adding a link to the consumer complaint page of ASC; which a couple of other Twitter users agreed.

Meanwhile, Karen de Asis, Chief Brand Strategist of MKS Marketing Consulting, the company that conceptualized EO‘s ads, was interviewed by ABS-CBN News and defended the ad, saying that “it has no intent of presenting racism at all” and that “it’s a presentation of a real-life situation”.

“The ad has been screened by the ASC. Even the ASC has seen and approved the ad. All Executive Optical ads including the ‘Cauliflower’ ad are pre-tested before they are implemented in media.” Ms. de Asis added; noting that the ad is simply about poor eyesight and not about color.

Ms. de Asis also emphasized that both men in the ad are Filipinos who have contrasting personalities, as there were also some netizens saying that there is really nothing wrong with the ad, citing that the flowers made the difference since the light-skinned man is not wearing eyeglasses.

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