Evolta Robot in Tokyo To Try Hawaii Triathlon

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Evolta Robot
Image Credit: Yuriko Nakao

Evolta , a tiny Japanese robot will try the Hawaii’s Ironman Triathlon course, according to reports by several international news sites, September 15, 2011.

Based on reports, the robot, fitted with three different bodies and three rechargeable batteries will have to swim, run and bike for a total of approximately 230 km.

The time given to complete the task is one week or 168 hours, which is ten times longer than it would take a sportsman, reports said.

“This is very tough even for a sportsman, but I think it is worth a challenge. The robot will encounter a lot of hardships on its way, but I hope it will overcome them all and succeed in the end”, Tomotaka Takahashi, the creator of the robot said in a statement.

The triathlon challenge will begin on October 24 and will continue non-stop for seven days and nights. Moreover, the actual Ironman World Championship will take place in early October.

Recent reports also mentioned that the hand-sized “Evolta” from Panasonic already scaled the cliff walls of the Grand Canyon and drove the Le Mans racetrack for 24 hours.

Evolta has also walked  500 km from Tokyo to the old Japanese capital of Kyoto.

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