Euro 2012: Female Ukrainian reporter interrupted by Dutch football fans during live TV reporting (Video)

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A female Ukrainian reporter was interrupted by several Dutch football fans passing by last week, while reporting live on TV for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2012), as shown in the video below.

Female Ukrainian reporter, being interrupted by
Dutch football fans after a Euro 2012 game

Image Credit: AlfonsoMFQ/YouTube video

As noted in the video description, which was uploaded last Friday, June 15, the Ukrainian lady reporter was covering live the Euro 2012 in Kharkiv, Ukraine and speaking in her language, when Dutch football fans who were passing by interrupt her as they pass from behind.

Apparently, most of the football fans that were passing by that time were wearing orange cheering for the Netherlands football team, and the Ukrainian reporter could not report properly since she is being interrupted continually.

Among the interruption that the poor Ukrainian reporter had to endure include one guy shouting at her microphone; another one asking her to marry him; and one man standing behind her showing a big banner of the Holland football team, while at least two group of men run in circles around her.

Nevertheless, the most noticed interruption she encountered that time was when a man in a wheelchair lifted her skirt up from behind and speed up, as her frequent attempts to regain her composure still fails. She finally finished her report still trying to smile until the end despite all the hassles.

The Euro 2012, which started last June 8 and will end on July 1, wherein there will be a total of 31 matches to be played, with Ukraine hosting 16 of them and Poland to host the rest. The Netherlands lost from Germany last Wednesday (2-1) and will be facing Portugal this Sunday.

Ukrainian reporter, being interrupted by Dutch football fans at Euro 2012
Video Credit: AlfonsoMFQ/YouTube

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