Eruption Photos Of Puyehue Volcano Located South Of Santiago Captured By Camera

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SANTIAGO, ChilePuyehue volcano ash and lightning photos was captured by camera which surfaced on Sunday following an event of Saturdays eruption of the volcano situated south of Santiago, Chile.

The volcano spewed out huge plume of smoke and ash into the sky Saturday which prompted authorities to evacuate 3,500 people living nearby. It was said that Chile officials went house to house to persuade people near the volcano to evacuate because of the increasing danger of toxic gas and flash floods.

On June 7, 2011 reports, numbers of evacuees has increased to 4,000 people who have been evacuated from 22 rural Chilean communities surrounding the volcano. No casualties have been reported so far.

Meanwhile, here are some of the stunning ash and lighting photos of the Puyehue volcano eruption. Click next page to see each amazing photos.

Puyehue Chile Volcanic Lightning
Volcanic lightning is seen over the Puyehue volcano, over 500 miles south of Santiago, Chile, Sunday June 5, 2011. Image Credit: AP Photo/Francisco Negroni, AgenciaUno

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