Endangered Sumatran Tigers in Indonesia Video Footages Released by WWF (Video)

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Indonesian Sumatran Tigers
Sumatran Tiger Cubs
Image Credit: AP Photo / WWF-Indonesia / PHKA

Sumatra, IndonesiaWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF) released video footages of endangered Sumatran tigers on Monday, several international news sites reported.

The video footages were said to be captured by the motion-sensing cameras placed in the forests of Bukit Tigapuluh (Thirty Hills) in central Sumatra, Indonesia. The forests were said to be scheduled to be cut down due to paper and palm oil industries.

The video footages include videos of mothers with their cubs and three young cubs chasing a leaf.

According to reports, the tigers face a severe risk of extinction. It was thought that only about 400 of them in all exists today, and the destruction of their habitat poses a great threat to their existence.

“It’s becoming smaller and smaller. Most areas like this have already been chopped down.” Barney Long, the US-based manager of WWF was quoted saying.

WWF along with other leading conservation groups are reportedly urging the companies involved and Indonesia‘s local and national government to abandon the clearing plans and to protect these forests instead.

Below are the video footages of the Sumatran tigers uploaded on Youtube by WWF:

Sumatran Tigers Video Footages
Credit: WWF / PHKA

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