Email from teacher with multiple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors criticized by pupil’s mother

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Lincolnshire, England – A teacher recently allegedly sent an email to the mother of one of her pupils, with multiple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and is now being criticized.

According to Daily Telegraph of Australia on Friday, a teacher of Gleed Girls’ Technology College, in Spalding whose identity was not revealed, send an email to a parent which seems to be a report explaining the performance of a student.

Apparently, the said email contains some words with wrong spelling and also has multiple grammatical errors, as seen in the screen shot below.

“I am very happy with the school in all other aspects of their dealings with my daughter. But I just received this email and was shocked at how poorly written it was.” The mother apparently said.

The mother, who was reported to have been also interviewed at Daily Mail newspaper in UK added that what concerns her much now is her daughter’s standard of education.

“If her standards are that low, how can she expect my daughter’s to be high?” She asked.

Below is the full content of the letter, wherein the highlighted ones contain the misspelled words.

“I was sorry I was unable to meet with you at parents’ everning this year. However, I have enclosed the following for you information.

Attandance 88% poor
11 authorised
1 unauthorised

**** had ad a hard year but seems to be pulling back onto the right tracks. The end of last year ***** was quite argumentative on occaisions and even boardering on disrespectful at times she is settled back down and is now a good role modal for the current year 7’s and 8’s ******’s uniform is always present (as is her work) and she is polite to her peers and the staff.

****** attenance is low but some of that can be attributed to her course requriements.
I would like to personally like to see ***** taking a more positive role in classroom ativities and working more with the younger members of the form instilling her work ethic in the younger generation.

From teacher
Gleed Girls Technology College

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